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  • Singles are sharp, and spring needs this baseball jerseys sweater

    Spring is the season for sweaters. Pure colors are simply a dazzling choice. It's better to go between the plain and the lively. Choose a special sweater. A cricket sweater with a V-necked string originates from the ball sport. , sports and leisure is its characteristics, refreshing ageing vitality handsome these words are often contracted by it, and its close relatives College wind sweater, here's their performance: Just fine collar, slightly loose version, minimalist style basically do not pick People, eye-catching color V-neck function is not small, clothing waist to help get the proportion, relax the requirements for the next loading, the overall elegance is not boring, commuting and leisure occasions are limited, real wear beyond imagination. Short lively and playful and automatically divided the high waist line, the bottom can also be more free, personalized flow of the sense of marked tide, loose version of the inside of the shirt or other take under the plug, join the lapel shirt or sport style items, vibrant sunshine College style is more intense.

    The same is a short paragraph, version of slightly self-cultivation, in addition to the color of the body around the edge of the stripe, in the vicinity of the shoulder also added a small lotus leaf edge, the style is more cute, more suitable for petite sister Mengmei, wearing simple All-in-one, with jeans cheap basketball jerseys casual daily, with a small skirt is LORI on the line. The Oversize model hides the blemishes posted in autumn and winter last year invisible. The collar is like a half erased. It's easy to play with asymmetry. If there is any personality between the mysteries, breaking the conventional brush, there is a high street and a soft girl. Can play. In addition to the hit color stripes, you can also add more details. The twisted wire has a sense of expansion and three-dimensional lines. Therefore, the version corresponds to a thin and loose style, and the collar with the same color as the collar is dotted on both sides of the body. Lively and fun, vertical division also has a certain self-cultivation effect, simple and refreshing eyes. Along the V-neck circumference, the embroidering also comes to an end. After all, the spring scenery is the most pleasant. The flowers can touch the heartbeat of the season. There are flowers accompanied and the scenery is soft. The movement wind is slightly reduced, and the fresh and romantic is also spring. tune. This retains the V-neck and loose-fitting version. The striped shift irregularly distributes the bodice. The sexy lazy and sporty sensation are all in the same color. The white color strips are not matched, the color is not more than three, and the same color echoes are not limited. , With a short bottom or denim singles sports shoes, casual sports style is very good, replaced by dress pants commuting range can also come.

    Although the decoration V-neck is designed for the shape, but the effect of age-reduction is thin is not bad, do not worry about running out, with the help of large V-neck can add more fresh elements, this has a national wind pattern and tassel ball decoration, a sense of detail Full, ladylike. V-shaped and then increase and deepen, almost to the upper body "swallow" away, the greater the V-collar more foreign air, was thin and styling force is more prominent, curling lotus leaf brings romantic beauty, with the use of color echo method, wear Personality art van. It has a deep retro taste, is an indelible jacquard sweater vest memory, natural sense of color and complex patterns, nostalgic cute affinity, very suitable for the spring unpredictable temperature, use it to create a layered shape, was thin and warm equal to intimate Small jacket. Change another ridged diamond checkered pattern, the British style ladies rushed forward, the white ash powder khaki interweaves, with the selection of products to extend this, shirt pleated Mary Jane / oxford shoes natural set, or can add an artist / shell Thunder hat is a classic picture in the movie. It is also a vanguard of literature and art in the reality. The fake two-piece mosaic of the lotus leaf skirt and bow-tie shirt is gentle and lovely. The Tibetan blue with white and a touch of red can't escape the classic color of the college style. It reproduces the beautiful white and tender youth, and it is not bad for formal leisure or party. Reducing age skills. British College wind cardigan is very youthful idol potential, color rhinestone and cartoon pattern color harmony, fun and explosive table, fresh and interesting patterns, sweep away the old-fashioned, large V-college conform to the trend of folding, wearing a lapel under the shirt to wear A word skirt , Generating a pure and youthful melody.

    2018-03-21 10:34:05
  • Fashion should be early, this year's popular cardigan must have at least one

    How can we not have a beautiful sweater jacket in the United States? The style is a regular style, the emphasis lies in the check pattern on the sweater. Because of this year's trend, the profile design is also used in the knitted cardigan to 666. The whole is a loose version of the type, very good hidden body weaknesses, thin and cover the meat is also a great range of children, the body above is a retro geometric pattern design, the upper body is nba jerseys a sense of pulling the wind with its own gas field. The relaxed and relaxed version is even thinner and adds a bit of fashion. The large V-neck design makes the face more jing and petite, and the hit-color design discount jerseys for sale is more youthful. The V-neck design makes the neck look long and narrow. The whole nba jerseys person's spirit is also well improved. The cuffs are tightened and the windproof and warm are kept. The plaid style does not seem tedious. The fresh and lovely College wind sweater has always been dressed up. Tender weapon, clothing pendulum and neckline were striped and spliced ??to increase the sense of design while demonstrating youth.

    Full range of interesting crochet pattern, exquisite rich patterns, version of loose wear comfortable and casual, but also can modify the body proportion is particularly significant leg length, loose short section of the small girl can also be easily controlled, spring and autumn can wear a single ride baseball jerseys ~ hit color Side large V-neck four button knit sweater cardigan, large V-neck, exposed collarbone, loose fall rotator cuff, upper body more comfortable, not pick people. This first version is very loose, the top button is a very fine pearl buckle, open or buckle up and wear can be, small round collar will give a very clever feel ~

    2018-03-19 10:25:00
  • How many clouds are still in this color

    Milk tea color, oat color, warm sand color, beige color, flax color... This group of similar colors with low purity and low lightness looks nutritious and delicious or people feel gentle and soothing. It can relieve the mind and body to visually do subtraction. It nba jerseys is very The color of texture and temperament is always there in the fashion color. This series of single-tone products is low-key, elegant and elegant, which is very suitable for creating the transitional season of winter and spring. Beige cashmere sweater + black pants + boots are a lot of simple control of the daily standard, slightly loincloth to create a high waist and irregular effects, the lower body color extension ratio, trousers trousers zipper decoration, bright texture of the details of the handbag Overall points. Practical Joker knitwear is the first to be missed. As one of the most convenient single items, it will not be the first choice for loose products. Natural docile and drape feels soft and smooth, and beige, nude, and camel And so on can co-exist and co-exist, used in the same color or stacked shape can highlight the modern elegance. Naturally, the warmth of cashmere sweaters need not be said, and there is a stronger sense of incorporation of characteristic details. The sparse twisted cable knit with loose textures is both texture and nostalgic, and it avoids visual expansion. Loose high collars do not have to worry about matching the long face of the neck. The problem is that the short body length and long sleeves are the magic weapon for creating a good ratio.

    There is a slight difference in the color, which is a way to show a low-key quality. The contrast of colors will enrich the modeling level while showing lightness. The unsaturated low-level gray sense color is suitable for the Morandi color combination, showing the time well and stable in the world. Good state. Contrast stitching is another way to create a sense of depth. The mix of shirts and sweaters is both fresh and rigorous. It is warm and casual. The shirts that extend from the collar and sleeves make the highlights of the model stand out. +1>2, they are no longer monotonous. This seemingly ordinary but unusual, lantern-like cuffs are the biggest highlights, and the style extensions at the end of the normal sleeves make the shapes more interesting, low-key colors, three-dimensional patterns, and tentacles. The warmth that we can reach is the reason why we love it. The days when you need to keep warm gradually decrease, so the stock can only be a thing that can stand the test of time. There is no obvious design and a lot of custom jerseys labels to get more styles and collocations, even under the next season. No longer out of date to wear out, cashmere knit skirts fall to the microcosm of autumn.

    Cashmere Cardigan can be a single product often accompanied by left and right, from the winter warm laminated to the summer cold shawl can find the location, spring and autumn baseball jerseys is the most suitable season for it, camel gray texture is not lost style, spring bloom with more Colorful outfit and it is about. In addition to the high class, the beige camel coat is also very light buddhism tone, the texture of the natural material is favored, and the clean line of simple and simple combination of products, or dignified and rigorous, or relaxed, exquisite shape Timeless, the skirt filled with elegance. Partial gray rice milk tea colorless non-phase static as water, saying that people are wild temperament, texture fabric simple and easy to win a lot of winning, within a ride black was thin, handsome and graceful, met the same low The low-purity gray is full of spring-like lightness and gentleness. Loose O-style coat style is between the feminine and feminine styles. It can be decided by the inner ride. The balance must be paid attention to. The pair of thin legs are used to hold this dignified elegance. The elegant light-colored camel is also a good complexion. Assists, velvety wool added gentle temperament.

    2018-03-15 10:34:23
  • Retro t-shirts, each with its own story

    Immediately after summer is coming, Xiaobian will give everyone an Amway wave nba jerseys of fashion items. It's fashion, but it's retro, and yes, it's a wave of trendy and vintage t-shirts. Fashion elites like this type of retro t-shirt, street photography can see it everywhere. Letter-embroidered vintage T-shirts. This style of T-shirt was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The exquisite patterns and the colors of the finishing touches on the solid-colored T-shirts made the overall fashion sense. Loose large size retro T-shirt, large-size property comes with hanging youth age-reduction effects, whether it is warm red, yellow custom jerseys piping, or cool blue, black piping, with a little bit of vitality retro fashion, always make people on summer There is a kind of indescribable obsession. High-necked retro T-shirt, simple and natural Tee is natural to wear with closed eyes will not go wrong, but different combinations will have different styles. Retro t-shirts that are high-necked tops are fun enough, and simple denim shorts in the lower body look beautiful. T-shirt is considered to be very cost-effective in heavy embroidery, retro rose chicken fried exquisite, 90s rose logo combined with a minimalist logo, not only significant temperament, but also in the retro with some punk movement of the neutral feeling, wall crack recommend!

    The loose version is very comfortable to wear, and the petite sister can wear her boyfriend's wind. Two colors hit the color match, so that the overall taste of the Hong Kong style retro, cartoon pattern with letters add to the fun. Bat sleeve print T-shirt, good-looking big T-shirt, print pattern is very cute baby face, pouting mouth is very playful. Putting on this one and going back in the street will certainly be very high. Oversized design, if you like, it's no problem wearing it as a skirt. The most popular match for summer is a hip-hop element printed T-shirt. The design of the clothes incorporates a lot of trend elements. It feels great, and it doesn't feel boring. The material is also very good and comfortable to wear. Simple and unconventional trend t-shirts, designs and designs are all blended with many designers' ideas. The fabric is made of pure cotton and has a moderate thickness. It can also be worn in midsummer. At the same time all kinds of manual routing details are also very delicate! The baseball jerseys use of slouch sleeves on tailoring makes it easier for men and women to dress. The loose version is a very popular element this year. The side seams use red clips to highlight the street trend design. They are simple and very personal, suitable nba jerseys for small fresh meat!

    2018-03-13 10:25:23
  • The spring and summer pop is not the same, bare shoulder compose a new chapter
  • Men taste green single product, do not wear it not a pity
  • Spring is about to enter this color, girls and gentle!
  • The temperature is rising, it is time for the shirt to appear
  • Spring is coming, wide leg pants selection point!
  • Not only take the sweater within, these primer shirt is not bad
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