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  • Goodbye small thick legs, you have to learn to wear wide leg pants

    How to save the thick legs, the winter is more a tangled issue, because the winter wear and better, if you do not find a thin wearing style, make the leg slender look look more rough, Completely no slim curve, but also seems particularly fat. And want to have a slender legs can be done, as long as it is enough to find that piece of pants for their own, wide leg pants have such a sense of efficacy, when it comes to wide leg pants we are not unfamiliar, The classic elements of the trend, stylish sense of smell is quite considerable, and in the streets with him on stage are not lacking for its presentation. Will wear wide leg pants, not only to cover the legs of the imperfect curve, but also able to contract custom jerseys winter, wide cheap basketball jerseys leg pants in addition to thin, but also to show a high sense of the curve, there is able to bring out Sense of style with the free and easy, style sense is quite free. discount jerseys for sale As the 70's swept the world wide leg pants, so that women get rid of the sense of restraint at the same time, they can have a sense of confidence This is the effect of a wide leg pants, of course, for the thick legs of the girls, It is also an indispensable way to create slender legs.

    Loose children with wide-legged children's wide-leg pants whether it is a sense of casual atmosphere, or a sense of workplace modeling can be done, but also do not have to worry about their own can not control, with a simple, but also in the winter let you become Get up, smaller thick legs to Guards big legs. ol style wide-leg pants, with a sense of the smell of commuting wind, even to work wear is also very suitable Oh, nine-point version of the design, not only to lengthen the leg line sense, but also brought out a sense of arrogance , Black line design, but also with a sense of efficacy of wild Oh. Wide-leg pants suede design, with a sense of retro-style sense of Oh Oh, relaxed version of the design, for any type of leg are easy to control Oh, and very shaggy thin Oh, waist use Elastic design, but also very convenient. Winter sweater, but the popular period, of course, if this season, like to wear sweaters, you can choose to wear wide-leg pants with sweaters, this sense of style, it is quite simple, soft sweater, but full of temperament The side of the sense of style and custom jerseys feel of course, is also indispensable. Especially the girls can choose a short paragraph of sweater with wide-leg pants to wear, because this shows the big legs will be better Oh, the visual sense of a sense of stature, leg line sense of nature Will be thinner, but also wear elegant texture. Knitted fabric design wide leg pants, stretch is very good Oh, both skin-friendly and comfortable, and there is no sense of bondage Oh, high waist design, not only to create a slim waist curve, as well as elongated Oh sense of leg lines.

    2017-12-08 10:23:37
  • These sweaters with you so beautiful winter

    As time goes by, in a flash we come to the winter, cold biting, this time you need some warm items, such as sweaters, we can say that in winter 80% of the time we wear sweaters, so , In order to still be beautiful in the winter, then the sweater with these you have to have a look. As an old companion sweater, coat can be said to be stylish and warm in one, some girls rely on the winter coat over winter, with sweaters and leggings, simply do not be too beautiful. Windbreaker is a cool and neat single product, a wide version, do not worry there can not wear sweaters, custom jerseys coupled with the design details of the windbreaker shape, giving a cool sense of cool. If the suspense coat to take the sweater is outdated, then a trench coat and cheap basketball jerseys shirt with a fake two-piece suit for you, not only in the shape design with a sense of cheap basketball jerseys hierarchy, version design is also very stylish. The denim jacket can still hold in the winter, lamb lamb hair inside the design, to love a girl wearing a cowboy jacket a good choice, in the winter can both warm and very stylish.

    Classic striped elements combined with the sweater, adding a sense of fashion, wild version of the type, nba jerseys with any jacket with a comfortable fabric made of soft and comfortable feel, high collar design, to the neck also brings warmth. The biggest highlight of this sweater is the color, variegated wool color, slightly creamy brown, giving a warm feeling, soft and comfortable high collar can wrap the neck and chin, inadvertently reveal the lazy sense. Autumn and winter should shrink neck to hide under the turtleneck, soft waxy feel very comfortable, personal wear is no problem, simple version with some details to decorate the rich autumn and winter with the whole, there are three colors to choose from . A very practical high-necked sweater, winter or autumn wear a very nice, simple version, high collar design, not only warm but also a good face modification, delicate knitting wool, soft and comfortable texture, skin-friendly . A basic jacquard single product, the choice of soft knit fabric, touch soft and waxy and comfortable, comes with high resilience, suitable for different body girl, half-high collar hedging design, you can stretch neck and shoulder lines. Winter most need a warm color sweater, self-cultivation version, it is suitable for the bottom wear, simple version of the design, but complex is very wild, gentle colors, bringing a lady gentle temperament.

    Select the appropriate thickness of the wool material, the use of double knit technology made of knitted material, with a great thickness and sense of weight, body simple and crisp single-row buckle, can be open to wear casual, but also buckle the sweet side clever. A very suitable for the base to wear sweaters, use of high quality fabrics, bring you baby-like care, soft and delicate, solid color color design, very wild, three-dimensional cut can bid farewell to bloated, with a strap dress is very sweet feeling.

    2017-12-06 10:24:41
  • Concave winter shape, ultimately, a leather jacket

    In the cold winter, leather is an essential concave cutlery in your closet. For a woman with personality, a leather jacket to wear on the body, minutes to help you transform Royal sister Fan children. A strong gas field needs a self-cultivation of leather to blessing, used to be gentle and virtuous usually feminine, change the overall temperament for a change of wind, why not? Used to seeing the spring solid color leather market, the autumn and winter blowing the nba jerseys color hit the wind, stitching color contour leather clothing to wear a European and American feel, not so formal and somewhat more distinct personality. Large leather suits more petite sister, so a little fat sister, self-cultivation section of the small leather daily wear very cents, to participate in a party when the handbag gas field immediately different. Autumn wardrobe can not be separated from the windbreaker, to the winter, windbreaker + windbreaker, windbreaker paragraph leather clothing, windbreaker more aura, wearing a more feminine. Very significant body Oh. In the final analysis the status of the classic motorcycle leather wind still unshakeable, self-cultivation wild, handsome, personalized girl paper must be very fond of. Pure sheepskin material, uniform and delicate cortex, soft and smooth, excellent ductility. The details of this leather deal with the very humane, insignia is docile, collar rivets are not just decorative, but also this leather become more neutral, the upper body is particularly stylish. High-quality sheepskin fabric, soft waxy breathable, small lapel design modified face, it looks young and energetic. This leather must wear some self-cultivation. Want a little more feminine, with skirt wear, want a handsome in the end, then wear jeans, sunglasses together.

    Import-grade PU leather fabric, style is the kind of loose style BF wind, baseball collar design more youth, oblique inserted pocket to wear more comfortable. This jacket super wild, inside with a thick sweater, cool very Fan children, like hip-hop sister paper, do not miss it. I cheap basketball jerseys did not expect the personality of the small leather can be combined with the classical Chinese style. This discount jerseys for sale mix is ??particularly innovative. Small collar not only wind is also set off the face of the wind, the mouth of the mouth of the plate gives an elegant beauty, this leather jacket with a thin cashmere, single wear is also very warm Oh. North winter you know, cold outside into dogs, home sweating. This handsome lambskin motorcycle clothes really is the northern winter girl's weapon, a t-shirt inside, wearing this thick lamb lambskin motorcycle leather, even the snowy winter, even that is not cold at all! Super wind, super warm, but not bloated, handsome one hundred percent! Leather style is really much the same, but see this absolutely make you shines. Short paragraph collar jacket, cuffs and clothes at the hem with long lamb hair. Warm and delicate lamb hair not only in this coat has played a finishing touch, wearing the body is also particularly warm.

    2017-12-04 10:28:57
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