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Spring is about to enter this color, girls and gentle!

Popular colors in 2018 come, UV color is too hard to hold, haze blue heavy, spicy red and some old-fashioned, rose and some pick the color. It is necessary to keep up with fashion trends, but also highlight their own qualities, what color is suitable for bright and dynamic, gentle pink girl it? Check with Xiaobian! Popular spring 2018 pink, is the kind of saturation is relatively low, light cherry powder. With cotton, velvet, patent leather, etc. Fabric used in the cheap basketball jerseys A word skirt, shirt above, it will look super-soft white; used in short paragraph cotton suits, sports suits will also appear particularly dynamic throughout the body, girls full sense. Different from the low-key texture of cherry powder, tomato red is tender and beautiful, is the Imperial Palace discount jerseys for sale Fan children. But tomato red should not be used too much, the whole body is enough for a single product, with a single product is also dominated, like the two fashion bloggers have chosen tomato red with black single product, is not lining the girl Exceptionally delicate skin white it! Why is the boy blue? The low saturation of this blue, bright coefficient of moderate, people feel and lovely, innocent little boy, clean and pure. Look at all kinds of street shooting, models have been unable to wear it! Xiaobian suggest that you use a small blue boy with white, it is particularly fresh and natural, as if to wear the custom jerseys cheap basketball jerseys same blue sky and clouds it! The feeling of poetic is not super for pink girls! Meimei can choose blue and white pinstripe shirt commuter equipment, you can also choose blue dress with a white belt or white high heels. As long as the election of the color, with the right single product, effortlessly have a full sense of the girl. How old, how to wear these three colors is still eighteen-year-old girl!