Stylish knit single product make the shape even more colorful

In addition to the endless number of wild basic color single product is the main wardrobe in winter, but also need a few bright single product to help shape the color, lit gloomy winter, the bottom is not a single wear, warm and warm fashion¬†nba jerseys¬†knit single product on the line, Let modeling charm index rise, the heart also followed warm up. Stitching straps, from the shoulder to the arm conspicuous strap decoration, can effectively block the decorative arm fat, skirt pleated splicing, from heavy to light smooth transition rich modeling level, resistance to see the solid color skirt is not only a single style, but also the most solid Wear a primer. Irregular spell color and tailoring, Morandi color tone is not only visual comfort resistance is also very significant resistance to high-level, full of geometric beauty of the oblique spell color to break the expansion of the monochrome block, split hem to increase the waist line adds style, quite kind of ” Different levels of distance “in the free artistic conception, in the quiet interpretation of individuality. V-shaped spell color, with a horizontal contraction of the vertical extension of the visual effects, white fresh brighten, bright gray silk shine, light blue and the lower part of the blue with the same color line fit, semi-high collar does not have a long neck pick a good temper, a simple Pieces to solve the problem with the skin and.

Color gradient, increasing from white to black, fresh, neutral, texture, steady layers of progress, lining color, was thin, for sale to mention the waist line, enhance the sense of design these demands are virtually realized, can hold simple and rich , Is the perfect combination of beauty and practicality. Jacquard pattern, complicated and changeable but arranged in orderly Nordic style brims with exotic, with retro and age effect, fresh and bright color and natural, select the same color of a single product to match, highlight the winter Style. Brightly decorated, good texture black sweater is the basic wardrobe essential, dotted with diamonds, breaking the single pattern to a big step into the trendy, serious with playful and romantic, with a shiny skirt, hold live, etc. Important occasions, modeling a hundred percent fine. Art jacquard, white blue and white blue and white blue and white porcelain is generally fresh and elegant, loose short paragraph wearing no burden, was significantly thin style, you can change the method to release shoulder neck clavicle charm big V collar, winter clothes become sexy interesting stand up. Cloak profile, double-sided two-color cloak inside and outside the two sweaters worn, the second element of the line depicts a virtual third piece of clothing, virtual reality fun, loose silhouette cover the fat comfortable and comfortable, high collar and lantern sleeves Shoulong vision retention temperature. By the age of two yuan, the virtual court style doll collar and elegant retro romantic bow, as if back to innocence, the skirt is a cat’s carnival, rib waist modified X curve, micro-lantern skirt was thin and lovely, the interpretation of the strength to wear interesting Dress, make dream girl.