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The spring and summer pop is not the same, bare shoulder compose a new chapter

Spring dress to avoid bloated teddy coup? Simple sense there is a secret? Strapless shoulder to get a trick, a variety of tricks hollow and irregular skin, instantly refreshing and then long unforgettable, strapless street movie is a blockbuster winners, is the ultimate trump card ace, with it then unusual The match will not be the same. Multi-organ folds around one side of the shoulder, the gorgeous retro style of the court and the post-modern asymmetry will be met in this encounter, set off or osteoporosis or rounded beautiful shoulder more refined art, but also given a small self-cultivation knit Black skirts in a different style. Slim tight sweater dress is the body curve of assists, cut open the shoulder cut hollow overall sense of thin and breathable window is thin, skirt skirt around the edge of the yellow and black hit color stripe decoration, lively and dazzling, but also with the classic Stable black or bright yellow, transfer color is quite fresh.

Smooth and smooth velvet dress is a retro goddess configuration, focusing on the upper body design, lace collar and hollow shoulders bring a romantic nba jerseys aesthetic, net lantern sleeves and thin ribbon decoration will be dim Xianqi and delicate beauty embodied most vividly, belts Convergence reveals Yu Tings beauty. Pink lace flowers decorate the shoulder around the pink lotus leaf with cuffs extending out of the side, so that the style is no longer a single gray sweater is the perfect combination of fairy style and leisure fan model, comfort diminishing charm increases. Gray sleeveless sweater cheap jerseys + black shoulder sweater fake two pieces of stitching strength interpretation baseball jerseys 1 +1> 2 results, the basic color simple models collide with a new fashion sense, mixed colors + strapless shoulder to enhance visual focus to help significantly higher, loose clothing Sleeve and body also help to cover the meat, enhance the ability to avoid the short-tempered power of pure green, casual wear comfortable and chic. Basically not pick people's neck knit sweater is essential to man-made artifact, but also take off the coat also beautiful without dead fairy, of course, know how to use moderate design to add points, unilateral hollowed shoulders fashion steepness Increase, simple and low-key has a sense of high-level, even with the basic collocation also comes with bright spots, beautiful and not deliberate, it is considered to win without effort. Shoulder design is extremely ingenious, hidden under the lotus leaf zipper, soft and playful at the same time can open the strapless or not exposed two modes, a skirt two styles is also very cost-effective real smart, short skirt is a long leg manufacturing machine, Belts or waist packs are free to define styles and delicate cuts help hold multiple occasions. The more unusual to break the more special, asymmetrical V-neck to form a unilateral strapless, it has a dress effect, highlighting the perfect neckline, but also to leave space for sparkling accessories, A word skirt was significantly higher with a variety of baseball jerseys advantages , Comparison of different fabrics collide, so that black modeling personality outstanding.