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This autumn and winter, "embroidered" color meal

Autumn and cheap jerseys winter to throw away the traditional single black and white ash, to add a touch of dark heavy winter touch it! Traditional heavy-duty embroidery often brings a deep sense of oppression, but the understatement of the embroidery is discount jerseys for sale the essential fashion trend of many single product. To look for different ethnic groups, to release the lively atmosphere. Like a crowning touch, interpretation of the elegance and sophistication from the inside out. Fashion boom denim jacket. Extend the season span and practical wear strong, all seasons can easily hold live. Concave concave shape at the same time, with a single product are fashion full degree. Sleeve cage embroidery, three-dimensional full color for the entire single product, vivid, easy to catch the eye. Warm thickened sweater. Exquisite flower embroidery and lettering patterns to break monochrome boring, for a thick winter adds a touch of playful. Sweet lace design, bold hit color, so sweater overall style tends to be stylish and retro.

Couple models black sweater. Half shoulder high school students shoulder style, wide-sleeved bat design; boys round neck straight section, more casual design. Different version of the design, the same embroidery process, showing a different graceful fashion. Large V-shaped embroidered cardigan. Full of sense of personal neat, green filled with youth and hope, is a blessing fashion fall and winter fashion magic. Slim knit version, lively and lovely discount jerseys for cheap basketball jerseys sale embroidery, youthful atmosphere pressing. Short embroidered national wind down jacket. This totem embroidery short hooded jacket, elegant and unique, all style. Wool mosaic splicing collar, windproof lock warm cuffs, coupled with the bottom Triangle decoration, warm and full of charming charm at the same time, in the details of the most touching. Classical exotic totem pattern antique, unconventional sets. Popular elements of this year's hot, embroidered material clothes in addition to soft and comfortable, born full of literary atmosphere. Plaid with embroidery hook out of the line both stylish, but also chic nimble, neat little lapel, intellectual dignity. Hierarchical sense of ascension at the same time, concave texture, autumn and winter easily with the intellectual taste. Classic baseball collar jacket version of the jacket, simple and neat, smooth material with a free and cool and sexy, continuation of the very straightforward and quite street letter embroidery and playful patch, full of vibrant casual style. Careful machine sleeve zipper pocket, a little cool hip-hop. A soft and comfortable version of the skirt, weakening the hip line so that the leg lines more slender. Three-dimensional cut arc waist design, high body line, bringing a more fitting wear experience. Add a detailed flower embroidery, simple yet bright.

Denim fabric texture through the washing show rich texture, simple atmospheric silhouette, showing the handsome beauty. The predecessor of four three-dimensional division line design, so that sense of style and double the level of sense. Personalized fashion embroidery encounter cowboy, the traditional tannin products become more distinctive, but also the secret street shooting trend of weapons. Spiral round neck and cuffs, chest embroidery like a "bird of the Phoenix" figure in general, blooming flowers, colorful. Loose and comfortable version of the type, cuffs slightly collected, fine and neat ethnic embroidery, multicolored Spiraea hook, exudes a thick ethnic customs, there is no sense of cheesy. Chic full range of trend children, was thin profile, at any time and naive thigh calf meat say bye. With down woolen cotton suits, it is surprisingly wild look good. Cute and playful pussycat embroidery patterns, adding a youthful lively tide girls flavor. Korean version of the foot design, more sub-casual fashion.