Wide leg pants selection is good winter cover artifact chic out the street

Wide-leg pants in the winter is still popular, a sweater, a wide-leg pants, plus a coat, walking chic in the winter on the street, not only cover the flesh, warm effect is leveraged, this is the most popular outfit this year . Wide leg pants because of not pick the leg type, was leggy, comfortable and so on, sought after by the fashion circle, with a different single product can be soft sister and Royal sister, both leisure and career, modeling is very strong. But the wide leg pants to wear good-looking, but not so simple, wide leg pants of various materials, with the effect is also different, not how to step on the thunder, with a nice ride is a small skill. Wide leg pants itself has the effect of inflating the lower body, so in the choice of upper body wear, to follow the principle of tightening loose, try to coat into pants, showing the waist, choose high waist wide leg pants can better pull Long leg ratio. Many people react, wearing a wide leg pants showed large buttocks, remove the rough buttocks this lack of fact, many people do not choose a good wide leg pants version, too loose and A wide leg pants visually enlarge the hips, you can choose Micro Slim straight version of the modified lower body. Black small fragrance style wide leg pants, trousers with bright silk tweed stitching, the top of the pearl binding, appears exquisite temperament, pants in front of the line design and nine pants length, stretching the legs line effect.

Side fight school uniform pants design, the material is the popular velvet fabric, strong sense of gloss, long pants, cover the legs stretched leg line, filling a low-key luxury. Cut neat pants, high waist wide leg design, wearing comfortably high, the legs to join the suture lines, emphasizing the legs straight lines, slanting pockets on both sides to give the pants practicality. Woolen casual wide leg pants trousers. Loose legs to meet most people’s body, the length of mopping the floor, a small man with high heels is not against, high-quality wool woolen material, version of good confinement, warm and comfortable. Dotted with red noise of the brown character Tuxedo tweed fabric, full of retro flavor, extra wide waist with large buttons, it is stylish and generous, nine pants long boots with high boots are good choice. Classic black, loose pants type, suitable for the public body, no matter how the legs can be well modified, personalized zipper design, full of sense of neatness. Simple version of the upper body gives a sense of casual casual, made a slant on both sides of the pocket, concave¬†nba jerseys¬†shape while increasing practicality, suture design, was thin. Waist design belt, tighten, the waist naturally form bud-shaped, was thin retro and romantic, low-key gray elegant connotation, knit textured fabrics stylish and noble.